October 31, 2010


Halloween is so much fun every year! We went to so many carnivals, pumpkin walks, and trunk or treats. Fortunately, after all of that my kids had enough candy so we didn't have to go trolling the neighborhood in the rain for candy. (Although I love going door to door, just not in the rain).

Here is Hyrum in his much requested "Redcoat" costume. I was lucky enough to find a pirate pattern and just make some adjustments for the redcoat look.

Ella went as Belle, which is ironic since we mostly call her Belle. I had fun experimenting with fun hairdo's and we can't thank Santa enough for bringing the costume last year.

Logan is finally getting excited for Halloween and was an adorable pirate. If you asked him what he was, he would proudly reply "a Pirate King" (Can you tell they saw Pirates of Penzance?)

Here's one of all three looking as cheesy as ever.

And my finished 50's costume. I totally splurged and bought the shoes,but they were just too cute to pass on.


Evaly said...

So cute! I can't believe how big your kids look!

Anne said...

Very impressive! Way to go, I had no idea you were such a sewer! =0]