October 31, 2010


Halloween is so much fun every year! We went to so many carnivals, pumpkin walks, and trunk or treats. Fortunately, after all of that my kids had enough candy so we didn't have to go trolling the neighborhood in the rain for candy. (Although I love going door to door, just not in the rain).

Here is Hyrum in his much requested "Redcoat" costume. I was lucky enough to find a pirate pattern and just make some adjustments for the redcoat look.

Ella went as Belle, which is ironic since we mostly call her Belle. I had fun experimenting with fun hairdo's and we can't thank Santa enough for bringing the costume last year.

Logan is finally getting excited for Halloween and was an adorable pirate. If you asked him what he was, he would proudly reply "a Pirate King" (Can you tell they saw Pirates of Penzance?)

Here's one of all three looking as cheesy as ever.

And my finished 50's costume. I totally splurged and bought the shoes,but they were just too cute to pass on.

Under the Sea

Ella wanted an Under the Sea Party this year for her birthday and we had so much fun planning decorations and activities to go along with the theme. First we hung blue, aqua and green streamers from the ceiling and added some sea animals. Then we filled the floor with blue "bubbles" balloons.

When the guests arrived we had everyone gather at the table to make wave bottles. We filled them with water, blue food coloring, oil, and assorted glitter and sea animals. The kids loved making these themselves.

After our craft we played some games. First, we did Fish, Fish, Shark (duck, duck, goose). Then we played dive under the sea. We had the blue blanket and had each child taking turns diving under to get different sea animals. Then we would toss the animal on the waves and give them a ride. This was everyone's favorite! After that we did a dig for sea shells in the sand. Finally, we had a fishing pond where the kids tossed there fishing pole over the sheet to get their goody bags.
Inside the bags was sea animal silly bands, sea animal grow pellets, swedish fish, bubbles, and a bag of goldfish snacks.

Ella requested a Whale cake, so Daddy did an awesome job making the cake for her and her friends.

The kids had a great time and fortunately her next birthday party won't be until she turns 8!

The most coveted after unicorn pillow pet from Grandma and Grandpa Braden.

And her new Hello Kitty bike that she got with her money from Great Grandma Rohrbach, Grandpa and Grandma Rohrbach and her allowance. She just learned how to ride without training wheels, so she has been on the bike non-stop.

October 20, 2010

My Latest Projects

Ella's birthday is tomorrow and she is having an Under the Sea Party on Saturday. I love the internet because it has so many cute ideas for parties that I can just adapt to fit anything. Here is her invitations, and yes she actually did most of the work.

I have also been working on sewing Halloween costumes for Hyrum and I. I picked a super easy poodle skirt and ordered some really cute saddle shoes. I have a black belt and sweater to add to the outfit and a huge petticoat for underneath.

Hyrum's costume was a little more tricky since he wanted to be a British Redcoat (can you tell they have been studying the war or 1812 in school). I adapted a pirate coat pattern and I think it turned out cute. I still have to make the little white sash things that go across the coat, but you get the idea.
I'll make sure to take more pictures of Ella's party and the kids in the Halloween costumes.

Kool-Aid Stand

The kids were so cute at their first kool-aid stand I just had to take a picture. The kids sold their lemonade at our yard sale a few weeks ago. It was freezing, so they really should of been selling hot chocolate. They still managed to make $4 and it kept them out of our hair.


Considering my last post was in March, I thought I should at least give an honorable mention to summertime. Summer went by super fast and was filled with water days and trips to the gardens. We also decided to go on some hikes with the kids, which is a major feat for me since I'm no hiker. These are some fun pictures of us a Bridal Veil Falls.

And some at the Thanksgiving Point Children's Gardens.

I also stayed super busy being in the production of Pirates of Penzance up at the castle theater. This was my second time in this production and it was even more fun than the first. Although I almost died walking in the fourth of July Parade.

In August we got to fly to Ohio and hang out with Ben's family for a week and a half. We haven't been able to go to Ohio in over 2 years, so it was fun to see everyone and let the cousins play together.
We were sad to see summer end, but we had a great time and are looking forward to all the Holidays coming up!

March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day

I love St. Patricks Day! My family is Irish and I was always proud that my first name means "Irish Girl" and my last name meant "Irish Person". I remember my mom dying our milk and pears green, and decorating our lunch bag with stickers, while most kids were content to just wear something green.

Each year the plot gets a little more elaborate at our house, and this year the leprechauns ransaked the place. We left some green snickerdoodles to lure them in and it must of worked.

There was toilet paper everywhere and the couch cushions were all messed up. We presumed they were riding their little horses on them.

Then they stuffed the kids clothes with pillows and filled their shoes with green legos.

We found of trail of gold throughout the house and realized they tricked us again. They didn't leave real gold, but candy instead.

They went through all the cupboards looking for mischief and even turned our milk green.

Instead of cereal they replaced it with green candy rings.

And instead of a flower centerpiece they filled it with green jolly rancher sticks. Those sneaky leprechauns even used our bathroom leaving the water green and didn't even flush. My they were quite tricky this year and we didn't catch a single one. However, Ella and Hyrum felt we shouldn't try to catch them as they are so much smaller than us and probably really nice people.

We had pot of gold soup for dinner (potato cheese soup in bread bowls) and rainbow drink (rainbow sherbet and 7 up) I think the kids only ate the drink and a few bites of bread, but I enjoyed it. It was a great day today.

March 8, 2010


I have been long absent from the blogging world. Life got really busy and I had to decide between living life or writing about it. However, I feel like things are a little more balanced now and grandparents are anxiously waiting updates.

Ella started her first ballet class

She felt so sick the day of the performance but didn't want to miss it.

Ella turned 4 and had her first birthday party.
We did Fancy Nancy!

The girls decorating purses

Having a Tea Party Fancy Nancy style

Going shopping for the gifts to put in purses.

Hyrum was dracula for Halloween

Logan our sweet bumble bee

Ella a princess (what else?)

Hyrum lost his first tooth. It was quite an ordeal.
We let him listen to an my ipod while I held him as daddy pulled it.
Alot of bribery was involved.


I got to perform at a fundraiser for my former theater to raise money.
I was a silly girl from Beauty and the Beast
and Ruth from Pirates of Penzance.
This is the mansion where we performed.

The ballroom where the performances were.

This is the front entrance. It was so fun to perform here.
Except for the ride home in which I got some food poisoning and
threw up on the side of the road. Good times.

Thanksgiving in Boise

Ella helping grandma make rolls.

Uncle Tyler getting some loves.


Opening presents Christmas eve. I only posted a
few pictures because there are a million.
Logan riding his bike from grandma and grandpa Rohrbach.

Decorating cookies for Santa

Robes and jammies I sewed for the kids.

Christmas morning

Hyrum's new camera

Ella's jewelry box

Here is a brave picture of me with no makeup!
Opening my Miche bag from Ben.

The favorite toy. The older kids would not even let him play with it.

New addition to our family.
Billy the Russian tortoise.

Hyrum and his beloved Legos

Well that catches up last year. We had a lot of fun, a lot of family, and a lot of memories. Hopefully I can stay caught up with 2010.